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The Arteba philosophy


We conceive design as a continuous research of the perfect marriage between form and function. Beauty and comfort are subjective parameters therefore it is our duty to always create new solutions  which follow the change of human needs.


Wellness is something intimate and personal. For this reason we create custom-made furniture respecting all the needs. We work together with our customers by listening and collecting requests in order to transform them at first in a project and than in material.


All our products are made in Italy at our headquarters in Treviso. Our history and the bond with our territory has allowed us to grow by integrating our know-how with the best realities   around us getting something unique and inimitable.


Each Arteba collection is proposed with examples of compositions, absolutely not binding, that represent the way in which Arteba conceives space, forms and colors, and provides the customer with a trace through which he can choose the solution that best suits him.



The quality in Arteba is something tangible and verifiable. The countless productive solutions and the customizationsaccording to the project require special care from our artisans who expertly interpret each work carefully to get the desired result.


The best results are obtained by a team, and at Arteba everything finds the right balance. The knowledge of our artisans in the respect of traditions that belong to our roots combines perfectly with the modernity of our team in assisting and supporting our customers.


To know the cost of the expense that you will face is an important thing on which we pay much attention. The requests of our customers are budgeted promptly deepening,  where required, the project details and responding to the different needs with the best solutions.


To be a small reality like ours means you can be of great help for those who work with us. They know they can count on a personalized and fast service.  All the information finds its rightful place and each work step is executed, checked and controlled perfectly.


We are sure of what we do and how we do it. For this reason we at Arteba are happy to offer a guarantee of 30 months on our products sure to be always  rewarded by the satisfaction of our customers.