... every day we engage ourselves together with you to find better solutions. Through listening we learned to understand the most various requirements and to answer them promptly and timely.  For all of us is the person's well-being  in the center of our world and together we can overcome obstacles and create something really special for the humans ...  

Andrea Perin -

To reach our objectives

I know the company for several years and I always found great helpfulness and professionality., I tested the materials and prestigious finishing and I can say that there are no doubts about the quality of the product. I call them my "tailors" because with all the bizarre requests I proposed, they were always able to produce everything. I had the satisfaction to realize a furniture of more than 3 meters into a niche with Biocemento top and with the technical office support we also created a custum made built-in wardrobe h.270x100. For this and more much I can give an positive opinion and keep working with Arteba to reach new goals.  

Fruitful collaboration

Arteba has always resolved all the problems that I submitted, and between 2015 and 2016 has made tremendous steps forwards even in the sales proposals demonstrating attention to the needs of the seller and the end user's requests. The company staff is qualified and always ready to collaborate in the most difficult requests. I'm glad to have Arteba as partner for my projects and I trust im a long and fruitful collaboration.      

…a very exceptional team.

Arteba helped me to solve the everyday problems...to be able to talk with the customer and get the order offering to each one unique and customized solutions because custom made, in order to satisfy every request. A very good ability to understand the problem and look for its solution because the relationship with the staff is excellent and based on friendliness and competence. The answer to my needs is quick and immediate. Also the new proposals 2016 are fantastic, attractive design combined with functionality of the product. In few words: a truly exceptional team.    

How seriously!!

We had to order four composition, two of which were tailored, to be delivered before holidays, and ordered close to August. For these orders, I contacted you beyond any maximum time limit and with no definitive finishes Together, with patience and above all, trust in being able to do it,  we went ahead with your engagement to make the delivery before holidays and consequently also mine towards our client. Friday the 5th  of August you arrived with everything, and even more (breakfast for everyone), thus leaving surprised our customer  accustomed by other suppliers to be even ignored. Than, after delivering the furniture, we received compliments for the quality and the aesthetics. So yes, it 's true, you are a bit' more expensive, but you keep your words ( which has more value) and you are very professional.    

Problems solved !

they  solved us all the technical problems that we submitted from the crooked walls problem to the construction of custom made compositions thanks also to the excellent quality of relationships with Giuseppe, the technical office manager, who is a trustworthy and competent person. Now we can also offer the new finishes of New Smart which are beautiful and customers like them.      


Wow how fast... I asked an offer for custum made  composition and I got it in 30 minutes.      

Tailored solutions

Thanks to collaboration with Arteba we were able to create tailored solutions that others were not able to do. Furthermore, with the guys in the company I have always had a relationship of serious and professional collaboration.    

Changes to orders already in production: no problem!

Giuseppe is always professional and helpful. Together we solved several technical problems olso on tailored products. and changes of orders already in production were not a problem.  

Great helpfulness and friendliness

Thanks form Ceramiche Campane srl for your helpfulness and timeliness. In thannking you, a promise from us to you: a strong engagement in selling your products!  

They are efficient and balanced

They solved us the timing connected with the preparation of quotation and using the graphic softwarewe can manage the customers by dialing customized furinture. Furthermore, we always had availability and rapidity to handle requests out of catalogue. The staff has a good ability to listen our needs and response to them. We emphasize that the company,with the new proposal of 2016, made a significant leap forward olso regarding the products.  

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